Elvis Chikwati, BVSc, M.AquaMed, PhD

Senior Scientist

Elvis is a veterinarian with a specialization in fish health and nutrition.

He has experience in the physiological, histomorphological and immunological evaluation of gut integrity and function in fish exposed to novel feed ingredients and bioactive anti-nutrients. His research expertise includes evaluation of alternative feed ingredients, optimizing utilization feed resources, and development of tools for the monitoring of fish gut health.

His current activities are the running of a gut health monitoring service for fish feed producers as support in feed development, development of histopathology assessment services for other fish organ systems including gill, heart, and skin, conducting pathology services for diverse species of fish such as as Ballan wrasse, lumpfish, zebrafish, and terrestrial animals including chicken, pig, mink, and rodents. Elvis contributes in design and conduct of trials to evaluate the positive or negative effects of novel feed ingredients. Elvis remains affiliated with the Clinical Nutrition research group at the NMBU School of Veterinary Medicine providing histopathology support since 2014.