Gut heath status for farmed salmon

The FHF project “Gut Matters” started in 2018 to identify and find remedies for damage to the salmon’s intestinal function that may be caused by new plant ingredients in the feed. A survey on intestinal tissue injuries was completed in 2018 and showed minor to moderate inflammatory changes, especially as the fish approached harvest size. Elvis Chickwati from Aquamedic will present the results to international fish feed specialists at the Aquaculture Europe conference in Berlin 7-10 October 2019. The project continues through 2020, including feeding trials to find recipes that reduce the undesirable effects of plant ingredients.

Beta-glucans reduce inflammation

“Everyone” knows that beta-glucans added to the fish’s feed stimulate the nonspecific immune system, but a new project we carried out shows that they can also reduce the expression of inflammatory genes. The results from vaccination trials to trigger abdominal inflammation will be presented at the European Fish Pathologist Conference in Porto September 9-14, 2019. Aquamedic continues to investigate whether beta-glucans can attenuate muscle inflammation due to PD, or inflammation of the hind gut due to high use of plant proteins.

Pancreas Disease can be controlled

A tax relief funded project we are implementing with a salmon farming client confirms that the Norwegian PD control strategy should be revised. Read more in a (Norwegian language) article that provides a link to the Norwegian veterinary journal, and in a more recent update. Both are published on Contact us for industrial projects on control of PD including vaccination!